About Me

I have been teaching high school art for 14 years. Every May I say I don’t know if I can do this another year, but I can’t wait to go back to my classroom every August. It is a very challenging, demanding, and rewarding job. I enjoy passing what I have learned over the years to my students. ┬áIt is amazing to see how they can take my knowledge and experience combined with their skills, determination, and knowledge to produce incredible pieces of art. I am currently trying to amp up my knowledge and skills to interject technology into my assignments. I plan to include more digital tools and technology into my lessons. Hopefully this will open new doors for my students and allow them to create art in ways not imaginable before.

I am happily married to a very good lady that is also in the education field.Untitled We have four children that keep us very active and busy. A ten, seven, three, and one year old. We are involved in sports, church, and most of all family. We are very close knit and try to do everything together. Family is of utmost importance to me, they come first.