Online Art and the Future

I feel l like this week has been successful in my DLL 5318 course. As I continue to createmosaic my online course I question if it is ever really complete, finished? It seems like it is just like creating a piece of artwork, it may never be complete. I see so much information, examples, videos that I could continue to enhance my class with. I think it will never be complete and I am fine with that. I like what I have so far, but I know it can be better. Learning how to create an online class has been awesome. It is something that myself and my students can benefit from.

The first course (Access Code:RZHQP-CG63W) I created introduces my students to the Elements of Art and Principles of Design. This is the basics of art. One must be familiar with this in order to move forward with their personal creation. It was fulfilling to me as a teacher to create this online course and see a possibility that I can actually make it happen. I started Digital Learning and Leadership master’s degree plan out by creating an innovation plan. It is basically to have all my students create and use an e-portfolio. It would be nice if other teachers would get on board with this plan, but I want my Art students to benefit from sharing online.


Creating these online courses falls perfectly into my innovation plan because they can share their projects, assignments, artwork, thoughts, and ideas via their e-portfolio. It goes hand in hand.

I plan to create the entire year online, it will take a while to do it, but it will be well worth the time sacrificed. The next two courses I will design online will be value/shading and color theory. In order to create a good drawing you must know how to shade and put value in your drawing. This will be a five or six week course that will explore black and white drawing and painting. The students will learn the appropriate terms through vocabulary tests and how to blend different shades together correctly to create good black and white pieces of artwork. All of my courses will follow the same format with different information in each one. The next class will be learning about color theory. This course gets very in depth because there is a lot to learn about colors. You have to know primary, secondary, and tertiary colors first of all. Then complimentary colors, warm colors, cool colors, and analogous colors. Then you will learn how to mix colors properly to create a nice painting. You will learn how to use colored pencils properly, watercolor, and acrylic paint. You will share your work every week by uploading images to your e-portfolio. There will be two class meetings in every course, one at the beginning and one at the end. This will give me an opportunity to tell you what will be expected of you and see your work in person at the end.

Creating these courses online has really gotten me fired up. I am passionate about teaching art and sharing my knowledge with others and this gives me another avenue to do so. I can’t wait to see what these online courses can do for my students.


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