Online Art and the Future

I feel l like this week has been successful in my DLL 5318 course. As I continue to createmosaic my online course I question if it is ever really complete, finished? It seems like it is just like creating a piece of artwork, it may never be complete. I see so much information, examples, videos that I could continue to enhance my class with. I think it will never be complete and I am fine with that. I like what I have so far, but I know it can be better. Learning how to create an online class has been awesome. It is something that myself and my students can benefit from.

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Bulid, Build, Build

This week I have continued making my online art course to fulfill the reqiurements of my DLL 5318 class. It has become more than just fulfilling requirements though, I’m making an online course that I will be able to use and add to. Twoman-1446557_960_720he course I’m making now is only for five weeks. I need to add one more week to that class eventually. I will continue to make online courses until I have the entire year made. This an idea that I really want to continue making reality. I do not know if my school will ever buy in to the online courses, but hopefully I can find someone that will. It gives students opportunities that they would not have otherwise. One of my problems in this process has been making a way to actually see the artwork in person and not just online. This will not be a real issue in my high school classes, but it will be if I begin teaching at the college level. I guess I will figure that out when the time comes.



Check out my progress and any feedback is appreciated.

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