Creating an online art course

As I continue to work on creating an online art course I am overwhelmed. I have really enjoyed learning how to make an online course and I think I will be able to benefit from this. Unfortunately, our teacher told us at the very last minute that we had to have resources for our entire five week course turned in today. That is not good for me. I have been building my classes one week at a time and haven’t really thought about my resources for later in the class because that is what our assignment stated. But I spent today gathering things up to fulfill the course requirements but I am not happy with the end result. I will continue adding resources for my class to better serve my students. I am creating this five week course in schoology. I will share the information with all of you so you can check out my progress. I think it is going good so far, I just wish the instructions for what was to be completed this week would have been clearer. This has been a crazy week and getting different instruction than what the assignment stated has thrown me a curve ball. But it is what it is.

Hopefully you will understand what I am trying to do in my class. All feedback is appreciated.

My schoology class:

Access Code:




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