After many hours of reading, skimming, glossing, pretending to read literature that others have published I have found that I am headed in the right direction with my Innovation Plan. There are some changes that will be made to make the implementation go smoother, but overall, if I can get my colleagues to get on board with my plan I think it will be a success.

Professional Development:

My Literature Review points out that planning ahead is the most important thing one can do. An absolute must is having quality professional development to train teachers how to effectively use ePortfolios. Showing my colleagues how ePorts can help them in the classroom is the most important thing I can do. ePortfolios will be beneficial to teachers and students if used correctly. They will give students a way to share work with teachers, peers, and parents at the blink of an eye. Teachers will be able to critique students work instantly, peers will be able to comment and give advice, and parents will be able to keep up with what their children are doing at any time they want. The ePortfolio is going to give teachers and students ways to share and access work that they have never had before.


It is very expensive to incorporate technology into the classroom. It is going to take a few years to get the funds to properly implement my plan across the entire campus. Therefore I will start incorporating my plan slowly and using the tools that are available at this time. We will get more equipment as the budget allows, but we can start creating the ePortfolios with the tools we have access to now.


One of the most significant problems that I will encounter is having the necessary tools for my students to work with. The teachers have access to everything needed to utilize an ePortfolio but my students do not. We do not currently have enough access to computers for all my students work on simultaneously. There is a mobile lab that I can get on a list to use, but that is not effective or dependable. But, starting next school year every 9th grade student will be issued a chromebook that they will keep throughout their high school years. This will help me out with my plan a lot. I think this will be a great starting point and a perfect time to implement my plan.


Keeping everyone, teachers, administration, and parents up to date and aware of everything that is going on with the ePortfolio implementation is going to be important. Keeping our students safe is of utmost importance. This will be done by constant supervision and making students aware of possible dangers that could be encountered. My students will only share information with other teachers, students, and family members.

Incorporating technology into a classroom is a daunting task. It requires a lot of behind the scenes work and extra time for the teacher to get the initial plan going, but it is what our students deserve. They are 21st century learners and they expect us to give them the opportunity to incorporate their knowledge into their education. If we do not allow them to use technology in the classroom we are doing our students an injustice.


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