e-Portfolios and the future

            My plan is to begin the process of changing the way Professional Learning is taught at Buna High School in August 2017. This training will extend through May 2017. Each teacher will create an e-Portfolio that they will use in their class to help their students, parents, and administrators collaboratively engage in the students learning. education-1580143_960_720I chose this time frame to give teacher ample training so they can pass along their knowledge about e-ports to their students so they can be used effectively and efficiently. Through this ten month PL training the administrators will have time to make the necessary adjustments for the 2018-2019 school year when student e-portfolios are fully implemented. Continue reading


The New PD

I have worked with very few teachers that get excited about professional development. Whenever PD is mentioned most teachers cringe and get a negative idea in their head of sitting in a cafeteria or auditorium listening to someone ramble on about how we should be teaching. holzfigur-980784_960_720Most think PD adds more work to their already full load. The people that lecture to us have usually never taught. If they did teach at some point in their career they can only relate to a small percentage of the people in the room because we are so diverse. There are a few key principles that Gulamhussein (2013) pointed out in his report that every teacher knows. These principles focus on the fact that the best teaching practices are lessons that target specific goals, are relevant to the learner, and have multiple supported, active learning opportunities to practice new skills. Why don’t we do staff development that way? Having an entire school of teachers sit in front of someone giving a lecture is never going to be beneficial to everyone. But there is a better way. Continue reading