Action Research Plan

      I have been working on action research in order to better understand how to implement my innovatiobook-1867171_960_720n plan. I have discovered ways to measure if it is successful and if my students are benefitting from it through making a literature review. There are still many things that have to be done in order to continue moving forward in a positive manner, but using my action research plan to measure the good and bad of my plan is a big first step.

      My real question is will my students benefit from using an ePortfolio. I have made it more specific by asking how will using an ePortfolio impact student collaboration in and out of school? I hope that my students will share their thoughts, ideas, work, and collaborate with others through their ePortfolio. It is a great way for them to have their work viewed by others across the world and receive feedback. My action research outline was very beneficial in answering some of my questions.

      Mixed methods will be used for collecting data for my research design. I plan to get quantitative data by doing surveys through google forms. I will use open-ended surveys and questionnaires along with individual feedback interviews to retrieve qualitative data.

      Protecting students privacy is of utmost importance. Our job is to give our students a learning environment in which they feel safe and yearn to learn. I will protect my students privacy by collecting data in ways that they will not be asked to put their identity on anything. Everything that they share with me will be anonymous. They can also protect their identity by not putting photos of themselves on the ePortfolio and making it private so only those they are comfortable with can see it.information

      I will be measuring how using ePortfolios impacts collaboration between art students in and out of the classroom. I want to know if the students will benefit positively from the effort they and myself will be putting into this plan and if it is worth using class time to let them work on their ePorts.

      A mixed method of collecting data will be used in my plan. I will measure qualitative data through interviews, reflections, and observation. Quantitative data will be measured through surveys and questionnaires created on surveymonkey and google forms.

      The results will be managed and analyzed using google forms, spreadsheet, docs, etc… I can use google sheets to create a graph to easily see if the ePorts are doing what I want them to.

      woman-1446557_960_720The results will be readily available for anyone to see through google drive. I will be able to grant access to anyone involved in my plan. The results can also be discussed at our bi-monthly meetings and viewed on the scoreboard that will be displayed in the teacher study.


      I have created a time line that will help me, my colleagues, and my students clearly see what will be going on over the next few years.  




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