Action Research Outline

Research is something that most of us do daily. We might not be writing a literature review or even a research paper, but research goes on daily if we are active as a teacher. I am constantly looking up information or googling ideas that can help me be a better teacher. I have discovered that it takes an immense amount of research to ensure that everything is in order to implement a change. Especially a change that introduces something new to a group of teachers and students. There are many obstacles that we will face as leaders and the more prepared we are for any challenges that will come our way the smoother we will be able to rectify them. 

Implementing my innovation plan is not going to be an easy task to say the least. I want to have all my art II-IV students create an e-portfolio that they can use throughout their high school years and continue to use it after they graduate. I foresee this being an ongoing, ever changing process. I have already altered it numerous times after taking into account what I have learned in the past classes.

Through action research I plan to solve some of the issues that might be encountered. Action research is an ever evolving process, instead of just looking at our students or classroom we are looking at our practices and how we do things. My action research question is:

 How does sharing artifacts in an e-portfolio impact collaboration among high school art students within and outside of the classroom?

I will do a literature review and combine my findings from my first literature review to find other work that will back some of my ideas. Finding literature that I can connect with my question will give me more insight on my ultimate question – Will my plan work?

Quantitative and qualitative data will be collected in this process to see if my innovation plan is working or not. Quantitative data will be collected by using google forms. Qualitative data will be collected through interviews and collaboration. I will be able to get a clearer understanding and the truth by using both forms of collection.


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