Action Research Outline

Research is something that most of us do daily. We might not be writing a literature review or even a research paper, but research goes on daily if we are active as a teacher. I am constantly looking up information or googling ideas that can help me be a better teacher. I have discovered that it takes an immense amount of research to ensure that everything is in order to implement a change. Especially a change that introduces something new to a group of teachers and students. There are many obstacles that we will face as leaders and the more prepared we are for any challenges that will come our way the smoother we will be able to rectify them.  Continue reading


Change is not Easy

Who knew that creating a change was going to be so complicated? The past four weeks I have been getting tips and advice on how to implement change. I have used a few holzfigur-980784_960_720different models to help me with this. Trying to get a group of teachers to accept and use something new isn’t easy. Dr. Dwayne Harapnuik has introduced me to a few helpful tools that will hopefully help my colleagues get on board with my goal of implementing e-portfolios. Anyone who is a teacher or has dealt with teachers know that most of us are very hard headed, strong willed people who think we are always doing what is best and see no reason for change. My job is to create a change amongst my colleagues. I want them to to create and learn how to use an e-portfolio so they can implement them in their classroom. Continue reading

Conversing is Crucial

job           It is nearly impossible to please everyone all the time. We all have different views, backgrounds, ideas, and we all perceive information in our own way. This is very true amongst a group of teachers. We are a hard group to have others opinions and ideas forced on us. Forcing information on someone and expected them to be a positive influencer is not going to work. When creating a change that includes teachers having to do more work you better be ready for some opposition. My plan, implementing e-portfolios in the classroom, will create more work for the teacher initially, but it will decrease their workload after it is created and being used as a tool in their assignments. It is my job to make them see this. Continue reading

4DX and Beyond

         One thing I have learned about teachers in my fifteen years of teaching is that the majority of them detest change. They get comfortable with how and what they are doing and see no reason for change. Every year at our inservice days and technology days I hear the same thing over and over, “I don’t see why we have to waste our time listening to these people,” “This is a total waste of time,” “These classes have nothing to do with me or my students,” I could go on and on. The point is most teachers are not perceptive to learning new things unless it directly relates to and will benefit their class or teaching techniques. That is were I think my plan will move ahead of other ideas, plans, techniques that we are forced to listen to at our inservice meetings. Continue reading