Pressing Ahead with e-Portfolios in Art


            Change is inevitable. We can try to fight it, accept it and move forward, or if you are a leader- encourage it. It is up to each individual how we choose to move forward in this fast paced world. We have access to technology and digital tools now that can help us and our students in ways that were unimaginable ten years ago. Our students are taking advantage of the technology and tools they have access to, why shouldn’t we use those same tools to teach them? I have chosen to lead and implement change in my classroom. I want to stay aware and make others aware of what is changing, improved, or new in the digital world. I want to explore how it relates to my classroom and how I can use technology to improve our students’ awareness and engagement.

        I have chosen to be a leader in the advancement of technology in the classroom. I will have all of our Art-I students create an e-Portfolio. Since I am the only Art teacher at the high school I will work together with one of my coworkers who is also having her students create an e-Portfolio, as well as the junior high art teacher. I plan to train the junior high Art teacher on how to create an e-Portfolio so she can have her students that will take art in high school create a skeleton that they can carry over to high school with them. I want our students to have a way to keep their artwork beyond their high school years. A digital portfolio is the answer. There are many advantages this will create for our students, it will give them an opportunity to share work with more people, get feedback quicker about their artwork, and give me ease of access to their work at all times. My Innovation Plan includes details of what I plan to do in the future. It is one that will push my students ahead in the art field.    

After researching the topic to great extent I have found that e-Portfolios work and many teachers are implementing them in the classroom. My Literature Review gives evidence of my research. Brown (2015) points out in her writing in “Education World” that there are three types of portfolios,

“the working portfolio – which contains projects the student is currently working on or has recently completed, the display portfolio – which showcases samples of the student’s best work, and the assessment portfolio – which presents work demonstrating that the student has met specific learning goals and requirements”.  

Our students will be creating a portfolio that will utilize all three of these models. They will show current works, completed works, and works to be reviewed.

In order for me to stay aware of the advancing technology and know how to utilize it properly I must continue to research and read about current trends, issues, problems and advancements. I want to know what is going on in the digital world so I can pass it to my students. I want to give our students every opportunity that I can to help them advance into the future assertively.  I will be doing our students an injustice if I don’t have them create a digital space to share their work.  I have created an Implementation Outline  and a video, that will help you understand how I plan to make this change in our school. This is an exciting time for digital technologies and digital tools.

Our students are tuned into this technological environment, and digital portfolios are a natural fit in the wave of the present and the future of sharing information.

I have included a list of future readings that I think will help me move my plan forward.


Brown, M. D. (2015). Education World: Using Technology | Electronic Portfolios in the K-12 Classroom. Retrieved from


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