Innovation Plan

Buna ISD Art I Innovation Plan


     I feel like our students are being left behind by not including digital tools in Art. In order for them to be competitive with other students and help with college preparedness, I want to implement an innovation in my classroom by having each of our Art I students create an e-portfolio.  My innovation plan is going to help both our students and myself keep up with their progress, their growth, and most of all give them an avenue to have their artwork viewed. I think a change is necessary in the way we are teaching to our students. We have to begin integrating technology into our projects/lessons if we want to keep our students involved and learning to their full potential. Our students will benefit greatly from having an e-portfolio in many ways. Having the students create one will give them control over how they display what they are learning and it will allow me to easily see if they are mastering the skills they should be.

     I currently have all our students create a traditional portfolio to house their artwork throughout the year. By the end of their first year of my class they have a pretty substantial body of work showing many different media and mediums we explore throughout the year. This works well, but having the students post their work online in their personal e-portfolio has many more advantages. Some of which includes ease of access to artwork, many more people can view the work, their e-portfolio can go with them throughout their high school art years and beyond if wanted, it can easily be updated, and most of all the students will be able to see their growth as an artist. It will allow me to grade their work easier and quicker and give each student instant feedback that they can view anytime they have internet access. Another advantage of students having an e-portfolio is that their parents will be able to view their child’s work and keep up with their progress.  

     This is going to be a big change for myself and my students. It is going to be difficult for them until they actually get the portfolio built and learn how to navigate through it, but once they do I am sure that they will see the benefits. It will be challenging to me because I will have to devote a lot of class time the first few weeks of school helping them and allowing them to learn how to create, manipulate, and make the portfolio work for them individually and include everything necessary to be successful. I want each student to have their work posted with a brief description of what they created, how they created, what they think is strong about each piece and what they think they could improve upon. At the same time I want them to have a comments section where their peers, their parents and myself can offer suggestions and encouragement to them about their artwork. Another advantage of creating the digital portfolio is that our students will also have to learn how to photograph their artwork so it will be pleasing to the viewer. They will learn proper lighting techniques and how to use digital cameras properly.  

            The students that continue to take art throughout their high school years will really benefit from their e-portfolio because they will be able to add to it every year they take art. For example, they will have a page or tab for each year they take art. They will be able to add pictures of their artwork to show their growth and change through the years. If they plan to attend college for art their e-portfolio will be very beneficial to them and their potential university. It will allow the acceptance boards and professors to view the students’ artwork with ease at anytime, not just when the student display the actual work. I do not think the e-portfolio should take the place of a traditional portfolio because the students need to keep all original artwork at hand. But a paper portfolio usually represents the only copy of portfolio content. When the portfolio is in digital format, students can easily duplicate and transport it. I do think that having this e-portfolio will open doors for our students to display their artwork in ways that have not been possible before.

In order for my students to have success with their ePortfolio I need my colleagues to be on board with my plan. Before I can implement my plan to my students I must first have my colleagues create and understand how to use an e-portfolio. This will probably be more trying than getting my students to utilize them. But through proper training and education I’m sure I will have success with having my colleagues work with an e-portfolio.

             In conclusion, this innovation plan is one that implements change in my classroom. It will be beneficial for our students’ education and understanding of my curriculum immediately and will be used long term also. This is an exciting time for digital technologies and digital tools. Our students are tuned into this digital environment, e- portfolios are a natural fit in my class. I want to take advantage of this digital driven time by including them in my class so our students will benefit for years to come.



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