Implementation Outline


                                                 Buna High School

                                                 Art I e-Portfolio


  • Integrate technology into the art program
  • Give students an outlet to share their artwork
  • Engage students in digital tools
  • Give teacher an effective way to evaluate instantly


Benefits for Students

  • Avenue to display artwork
  • Ease of access to artwork
    • View progress/growth as an artist
    • Easily copy and share art
  • Increase parental involvement
  • Teacher feedback and assessment
    • Real time feedback anytime
  • Increase peer to peer digital interaction positively
    • Ideas and artwork
  • Increase awareness of technology in art
  • Ongoing digital home for artwork and ideas
  • College acceptance/Job placement

Approval Phase

  • Introduce Innovation Plan of Art I students creating an e-portfolio
    • Include high school principal and jr. high art teacher
      • Include jr. high art teacher so she can be aware of what the students will be expected to do in high school
  • Explain benefits of having an e-portfolio
      • Share students artwork with other students, teachers, parents
      • Immediate access to artwork
      • Instant feedback from myself and others
      • Ongoing portfolio that can be added to, improved, and changed 


  •  No immediate cost to school
    • Students will use our mobile chromebook lab
    • will be the free platform we will use

First Semester

  • Introduce e-portfolios to Art I students in the first six weeks
    • Have students look at different examples
      • Students
      • Professional artist
    • Decide how they want their portfolio to look
      • Make it personal
    • Begin taking digital photographs of their artwork
  • Compile information and artwork in the second six weeks
    • Write an artist statement to be on the home page
      • Include why they are interested in art
      • What medium they like to work with and why
      • Goals as an artist
  • Build e-portfolio in the third six weeks
    • Have students pick an individualized template
    • Add artist statement
    • Begin uploading photographs of artwork with descriptions

Second Semester

  • Have students continue to personalize their e-portfolio
    • Add images of new work
    • Add descriptions of work
    • Refine artist statement
  • Add a blog 
    • Share ideas about future goals
    • Share ideas about projects
    • Blog about art history
      • How it relates to their work


  • Students will complete an evaluation on e-portfolios in January and May
    • Google forms
  • Students will share e-portfolios with principal and staff for feedback
  • Evaluate e-portfolios to decide if they are helping students excel  


  • Students will be graded on their participation in creating their e-portfolio
    • Follow rubric guidelines
    • Created correctly or not
    • Appealing and inviting
    • User friendly
    • Continued participation
      • Adding artwork with descriptions
      • Updating Artist Statement

Goals for e-Portfolios

  • Get jr. high art teacher involved to create a skeletal e-portfolio
    • Teach  jr. high teacher how to create an e-portfolio
      • Allow  students more time in high school to refine portfolio
  • Students that continue to take art in high school will add a new tab for each year in art
  • Continue updating images of artwork
  • Use e-portfolio to help with college acceptance or obtain a job


For more details about my research and plan to integrate technology into my classroom by implementing e-Portfolios here is my Innovation Plan and Literature Review


8 thoughts on “Implementation Outline

  1. Peer Review#1
    This is concise and that’s good. Most people don’t and in some cases won’t take the time to read a long piece. I like the way you built in future application so that students take ownership and know that they’ll continue to add to it. This is pretty cut and dry, very well-thought out.


  2. Peer Review #2:
    I also like that it is simple and to the point. The fact that you’re planning ahead for students who continue through in art class is great – when they graduation they will have amazingly detailed portfolios! The step-by-step approach that you’re using to have students create them will be helpful to them and to you.


  3. Peer Review #3
    Your plan for implementing E-Portfolios in art class creates a meaningful project that I bet students will look forward to creating and updating. I know I would! I like how you’ve organized the progress of creating the E-Portfolio by pre-planning first through examples, digital photographs, artist statements, medium preference, and goals. This way, when they create the actual E-Portfolio, they’ll have plenty to work with. I would suggest adding your overall goals for implementing this project. Will you also be making a rubric that students can follow? Overall, you’ve done a great job creating this project into something more meaningful, personalized, and most importantly, fun!


    • Thank you for your help. I will be using a rubric, I will add that. I’m looking forward to giving my students the opportunity to display their artwork to the public digitally.


  4. Peer Review #4
    Overall your outline seems very easy to follow. I really like the fact that you will eventually have the students continue their e-portfolios in the more advanced art classes, where they will also begin to use the blog feature. I see where you are including the Jr. High art teacher so she will know what is expected. Do you have intentions on trying to pitch the idea to her to start helping students create their skeletal e-port before they reach you? If so, will you be offering any type of professional development to help her learn what you are expecting? You have the start to a nice and clean outline, and I’m sure it will continue to take great shape over time!


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