Holistic Learning


         Students learn in many different ways. We can not expect every student to retain information and grasp concepts the same way as their peers. We should be teaching in a student based learning environment in which each student has the opportunity to learn in the manner that works best for them individually. Continue reading


Future Readings

Chen, H. and Light, T. (2010) Washington DC: Association of American Colleges and Universities

Electronic Portfolios and Student Success: Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Learning

          This handbook presents an overview of electronic portfolios and ways individuals and campuses can implement e-portfolios to enhance and assess student learning, recognizing that learning occurs in many places, Continue reading

Pressing Ahead with e-Portfolios in Art


            Change is inevitable. We can try to fight it, accept it and move forward, or if you are a leader- encourage it. It is up to each individual how we choose to move forward in this fast paced world. We have access to technology and digital tools now that can help us and our students in ways that were unimaginable ten years ago. Continue reading

Implementation Video


Creating My Implementation Video


The idea of creating an e-Portfolio was something that I didn’t understand.  I had never even heard of one. When I started making my own I was so impressed that I knew I had to share what I was learning with my students. My first thoughts were, I wish I would have had this when I was in high school and college. Continue reading

Innovation Plan

Buna ISD Art I Innovation Plan


     I feel like our students are being left behind by not including digital tools in Art. In order for them to be competitive with other students and help with college preparedness, I want to implement an innovation in my classroom by having each of our Art I students create an e-portfolio.  My innovation plan is going to help both our students and myself keep up with their progress, their growth, and most of all give them Continue reading

Implementation Outline


                                                 Buna High School

                                                 Art I e-Portfolio


  • Integrate technology into the art program
  • Give students an outlet to share their artwork
  • Engage students in digital tools
  • Give teacher an effective way to evaluate instantly Continue reading